Bridge Constructor Portal App recensioner


The construction reminds me of World of Goo. The portals and carts etc add an interesting twist. Addicted already!

Fun, well-built game!

Fun to play puzzle game that retains several elements familiar to those who have played the Portal games

Based on portal, but not very true to it’s spirt

This game is reasonably fun, and it’s nice to finally have another portal-esq game. However, this game seems to offer a heavily diluted version of the portal experience. GlaDOS’s personality has been made much more mild, and lost much of the humor that made portal great. For an example of the differences, while in Portal 2 you are told “if you encounter killer androids, rest assured that they have all been provided a copy of the laws of robotics - to share.” Contrasting to this game when GLaDOS says “remember that you have been granted unlimited access to the book of best practices.” Where’s GLaDOS’ snarky humor?! Why can’t she at least say something to the effect of “Remember that referencing the book of best practices has been shown to increase test subjects survival times by up to 48.72%”?! This is not the only example where it seems GLaDOS’ (and Aperture’s) humor has been dumbed down and written by people who watched a ten minute video of portal gameplay, then decided to modify it to be more children friendly. Also this game completely disregards the dual color behavior of portals after the first level, without even attempting to remain faithful to the combinations in the original games. I understand they wanted to make it less confusing when there were multiple sets of portals, but they could still have matched the multiple portal color dynamics that Portal 2’s Co-Op has. Also what is the point of tracking the number of vehicles in the “convoy mode”, if only 100% of them crossing grants completion. Why not count any number of successful crossings, and give the score as a fraction? On another positive note, this game is not plagued by the terrible microtransactions that have been ruining many other recent mobile games. I just hope the developers have the self control to keep it that way in the long term. If you haven’t played the real portal games yet, stop reading this and go play them both immediately. They are far better than this (or just about any other) game(s), and I highly recommend them. Overall I would still recommend this game to Portal fans, but know you are getting a very heavily diluted portal experience. I am still holding out hope for the mythical Portal 3, which this game is certainly not.

Addictive and challenging!

Some of the later levels get so complex and have so many moving parts that it ends up being a real exercise in focus and puzzle solving. Highly recommended.

(No more) unacceptable ads in a paid, smooth game

The developers has fixed the issue with advertisements, thankfully. I have bumped up the rating by 1 star. Old review: “I like the game concept and quality but putting ads in a game I paid for is very unacceptable. To just make you pay and then show ads whenever possible is very frustrating, and there’s not even a disable ads IAP I would gladly buy. Shame on you.”




My audio isn’t working! Please help! I want to love this game.


Love this game so much great physics great game maybe some more levels over all great game.



Super entertaining, but needs work

Game is very fun and entertaining, however the mechanics and controls could use a bit of polish. Zooming in and out of the map can make the whole camera freak out, and trying to grab a specific piece or joint can be a bit challenging. Other than that, I absolutely love the game and the crude humor.

Surprisingly uhhhhmazing

Okay it ain’t portal - BUT it brings back the nostalgia and using the portals and knocking out lazerbots is still a blast. Plus there’s so many options to create your own route that u can always go back and try different set ups. Never thought bridge building would distract me for hours but I love this game. Hurry up and make new levels or part 2!!!

Really fun and entertaining

Cool game

Love it

Loved Portal. This is just as fun

Great game

It’s a game addicting fun game that I love and challenges me definitely download it it’s great!!!


+—————————————————————————————+ | Windows catalog | | Windows has detected this game is too fun | | Please add more levels! | +—————————————————————————————+

Best BC game. Miss portal, immediately purchased and satisfied.


Good game so far

I have not progressed very far yet, but it’s fun and challenging for my 70 year old brain


This game is good...........course now maybe you could port the PC version of portal 2 to IOS with level creation mode......possibly?...............Yes?


I think that this game is amazing and really challenging. I love challenges. After completing Portal, Portal 2, and even the LEGO Worlds Portal, I loved this. Portal is one of my favorite games and this brings an exiting spin to it! HIGHLY RECCOMENDED

Amazing but short

Can u try to think of more levels

Best Bridge Builder

I have 3 different bridge builder apps and this one is by far the best. All of the puzzles are challenging and fun. The game runs smoothly, the graphics work well, the physics make sense, and it’s fun! Other bridge games feel incomplete, whereas this game is real deal. Definitely worth the money.

Amazing Game

AMAZING GAME so much fun can’t stop playing

Go make some new disaster

GlaDOS is counting on you.

No sound and No support

So I originally installed this app on my iPhone and after playing a few levels I realize this would play much better on my iPad. So I went to the App Store and downloaded installed the game on my iPad. But when I went to play, it had no sound. I thought it was originally a problem with my iPad or I had the volume down or mute. But when I went back to play the game on my iPhone, it no longer had sound! I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling this game on both devices and it didn't resolve the audio problem for either. The link to the app support within the App Store does not work. All you get is a website that says “this space intentionally left empty”. So I went to the vendors website and sent a support email request over a week ago with no response yet! Not a huge problem for me as I normally play games with the sound off because it can get annoying, but the lack of response to my reported issue bothers me and should be taken into consideration if you plan to purchase.

Portal + poly bridge= AWESOME

Ok so doud in ftc i know that you can only have 2 portals at a time but do keep in mind we have different colored portals and their probaly created by different portal guns so please dont get mad. ALRIGHT TIME FOR MY REVEIW now i really like the game and its awesome i like how you have the original glados voice but theres one glitch when building bridges the bridge is off sync with my thumb so its really annoying and i have to rebuild the same peice multiple times so it works so please fix this THANKS!

Good game

Pretty fun.

Cave Johnson ‘s Legacy continues!

I will ....just like every fan of forever thankful of the gaming logic and entertainment they have brought us. When we all played the Portal series we were immersed in Aperture’s test facility . GLaDOS (Caroline) is always there to push us into the intriguing melee of ....Can human intelligence overcome the complexity of an A.I. helps us essentially to....think with many different variables . Aaahhhhhhhhh Quantum Tunnels.......if only......if only......and to be thrust into the facility just as in “Tron” .......hahahahaha.......what a live action movie that would be lol....think of it ya complete the game and........ GLaDOS simply just digitally transports you to Aperture Science Laboratory through use of ur webcam and a little help from SCIENCE! just pray ya don’t have to inhale any moon dust......dealing with the Sentry Turrets and GLaDOS sense of humor is fun enuff! So in Cave Johnson’s own words...... Now get out there people and DO IT FOR SCIENCE!

Lost my saved game :(

One of my favorite games on the phone of all time BUT just lost my entire progress... I stared at that question asking if I wanted to play with my local save or cloud save for 3 minutes tearing myself up inside. Wait was I internet connected last time I played or not? No idea... I messed up and boom I’m discouraged to play now. A mention of save game date/time would be much appreciated.

Too Short!

Game is extremely fun but 60 levels are way too short! Please, make a version 2 or add more levels!

I like it a lot

This game rocks!!!! I am having a lot of fun playing it. I highly recommend it.

Really good

I’ve been playing and finished the game just now and I’m so proud of what valve was able to do. I completed every level. Including the so called “impossible” level and I thought of something. At the end you should be allowed to make your own levels and put them online. A multiplayer online battle would be good as well. Valve should add more then just the basic 60 levels, but as little sandboxes where you can create . They should also add more “blocks”. I mean that we should have chains,boulders, just stuff to try out and some cool aperture science stuff. A Glados boss fight could also be good. You have to go build a track to defeat glados. Anyways this game is the best bridge builder game I have played. Not by its graphics but as how there’s more than just “oh you must use road and steel and make patterns” no no no. It really makes you plan out what you have to do unlike others. I rate this the best puzzle game I’ve ever played.but I do feel that it needs more matierials to use. Like joints or something.and I believe if you add what I put on here you can help expand this then just a little game. This game is one of the best games I’ve played ever and this is so cool. I recommend this to anyone who loves puzzles and physics.


Love the game but will there be more levels?


I liked the portal games. Bridge building games are fun for me, so combining them makes a fun game.

A fun side game

If you play portal a lot this is for you

Cool game

The reason why I wrote this to plz fix it the game says not compatible with this device!my brother has it on his iPad but mine doesn't and they are the same so plz fix

Portal sensibilities

It’s great so far. Not much more to go off of

Enjoyable pastime

A relaxing trip back to Aperture-world.

Worth every penny

I’ve played both versions of Portal and love their repeat playability. This game is no different. It has the whimsy, humor and brain frying challenges of the original Portal game, but now with bridge building and structural engineering. I love the “test” mode and how weak areas are highlighted in red and I love the spectacular crashes and crumbling of structures that don’t hold up. Sound effects are super cool and the explosions are very realistic. This is a fun game. Buy it...there’s a piece of cake in it for you. 😎

Fresh take on a classic game style

Bridge construction games are classic, but by combining this one with the Portal world, there is so much more fun complexity to gameplay and such a great sense of humor.


Totally glad I purchased. Superb.

It’s not Half-Life 3, so I hate it.

Just kidding, great game.

Very enjoyable

I really enjoy the humor of this game. It works great on iOS. Lots of fun.

Detection problem

When ever I hold on the dot it always moves up so I have to bring it down that is the only problem I have with it but besides that It is a great game with great humor and references


Absolutely fantastic. I love it. Definitely the best of the bridge builder games I’ve played on the App Store.

Perfect Fusion

It’s like Bridge Constructor and Portal did a DBZ-style fusion to make a perfect game. Witty, brash, challenging, and best of all, worth every penny. I love when I get a great game at an upfront price. Pay for play is a terrible model. This game rocks, please make and expansion or BC Portal 2!

A few fixes and this game will go from good to great!

I love the Portal series. The graphics and style of this game make me feel like I’m playing a Portal game. But many times I find the Test button not working, that needs to be fixed. Also, it would be great if Johnson had a part in narrating the game. The difficultly ramps up fairly quick and it can be a little confusing how to get through some levels. I want to love this game but so far I just like it.

Amazing game

This game is amazing. Especially for portal fans. My only gripe is that on iPad iOS 10.3.3 the sound doesn't work. It works on my iPhone X iOS 11.2.6. I prefer playing it on the larger screen, though.

Really Good Game

I like to play building games like this. They did good worth five bucks.

I can’t put this down!

To the developers, I really never play mobile games. I usually stick to my consoles and just check social media on my phone, but WOW! This game is so fun. I really can not put my phone down. I picked it up because I really like portal, but now I want to try all of the other bridge constructor games. The game has good humor and works great on a mobile device! I can’t wait to see the next mashup y’all can come up with!

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